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Death Capsules
25 February 2020 @ 05:01 pm
Death Capsules
04 April 2011 @ 02:16 am
Most skull-fucking, ribs-hammering, headbanging, exhilarating weekend of my entire 19 years worth of life? I THINK SO.

So in the past few days, I've seen Lower Than Atlantis, Evergreen Terrace, Miss May I, Chiodos, Emmure, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, We Came As Romans, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Architects, Neon Trees and My Chemical Romance.

The three days were like Euphoria Camp. Each day had its own emotional rite of passage and its own way of denoting what it means to be alive.

Day 1. (30th March 2011)

LTA, ET, MMI, Chiodos, Emmure and AA.

Evergreen Terrace were just terrific! I collected a couple of bruises from being thrown against the barricades by a raging moshpit. I remember this guy just standing in the middle of the circle pit with a face so aloof it was almost godly. He just stood there like a badass while chaos encircled him. The sound speakers caught on fire and band members + the crew attempted to extinguish it with water bottles while smoke engulfed the front row. I was right in front so it scared the cunt crap out of me. MMI was so much fun and Chiodos was just disappointing. The sound setup was really bad and the vocals melted while competing with the hardcore riffs. I had to sit down during Emmure because my body was aching so bad plus I didn't really like them all that much. I went back in during AA and secured a great spot behind the most adorable girl in the scene! She was so tiny and mellow looking but don't let book covers deceive you. Once the band hit the stage, she rocked her fucking cerebral cortex off. I thanked her for letting me lean against her for support during the show and she gave me the sweetest ''you're welcome!''. Danny's sober performance brought up a lot of discussions considering he just punched a fan the day before at the Seattle show. I think he pulled it off well and I HAD THE MOST FUN DURING THE ENCORE. This may be my roughest post-hardcore/metal show, I didn't think I would make it. BUT I DID AND IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING.

Day 2 (1st April 2011)

Pierce The Veil, We Came As Romans, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember.

MY MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW OF THE YEAR! The venue was just bollocks, a seated room? I mean, really? I got bummed for a bit but there was a small standing pit anyway plus my view of the stage was amazing so, whatever. I was most excited to see PTV and they were just epic. Pierce The Veil have become one of my favorite bands and seeing them live just magnified my love for their music and their band. Vic brought the luckiest girl in the room on stage and knelt down in front of her, bitch better be thankful. He then got down to the barricades during The Boy Who Could Fly and started singing RIGHT ON TOP OF ME. It was the most amazing experience being that close to him. He also shot me a look and smiled while I chant every lyric together with him. Bring Me The Horizon's performance officially converted me to a fan. I've never liked them, not till today. Oliver Sykes is a great front man, i love bands that create intimacy with the crowd and they were one of those bands. Of course I was dead center in the 2nd row so when he got down to the barricades during Diamonds Aren't Forever, I got to grab his hands for a bit and snap a closeup photo of whatever the fuck he was doing. A Day To Remember just left me breathless, i screamed every word and got KICKED in the fucking head a million times by crowd surfers. Jeremy commanded all the GUYS to strip their shirt off and wave it in the air and so there I was, in the middle of a dozen half naked dudes jumping and fist pumping in the air. SO. MUCH. FUCKING. FUN. Everyone looked out for each other and we were a force that could shake the whole world. Spent $100 on merch and went home to find a bunch of my friends chilling at my house with alcohol and chips. GIG AFTERPARTY? YES PLEASE.

Day 3 (2nd April 2011)

Architects, Neon Trees, My Chemical Romance.

This was my 2nd time seeing Neon Trees as an opening band. MCR WAS JUST FUCKING LEGIT. I met Monika and hung out with her, she was sitting beside these awkward boys it was funny hahaha. Yeah okay, It was a dream come true seeing MCR but i gotta say, the experience was NOTHING compared to what I had imagined. The venue was just fucking shit, even worst than the venue that held ADTR. There was no pit and my view of the stage was so far back. I loved the set, I sang every word and allowed the 15 year old girl inside me to fangirl the fuck out. I wanted to cry after the show because the entire event was just poorly organized and it was MY FUCKING CHEMICAL ROMANCE, jesus crap. I was indignant and decided to try my luck waiting outside their tour bus for them. After half an hour of freezing with a bunch of other killjoys, Frank iero came out to do a signing! IT MADE UP FOR EVERYTHING (': He was so tiny oh my god it was unreal. I fucking love that man. The show was over really quick and I definitely didn't get enough out of it. I'm just going to wait till they announce an Asia tour and fly back to Singapore to see them with my bbys ;)

yeah so that was my weekend.
how was yours?